Income & Property Taxes

Income Taxes

The current income tax rate for City of Avon residents is 1.75%. Residents working outside the City of receive a tax credit of 1.50%. The .25% rate paid by all residents is used exclusively for safety forces in the city.

The City uses the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) for tax collection and administration. R.I.T.A. has help available for residents.

Property Taxes

The current property tax rate for Avon residents is 85.612 mills. The current effective tax rate is 65.349 mills. A mill is equal to one tenth of one percent. The property tax calculation for a residential value of


is a follows:

  • $100,000 X 35% = $35,000 (Assessed value)
  • $35,000 X .065349 = $2,287.22  (Tax before rollback & reductions)
  • After the state 10% rollback and the 2.50% home owner credit, the amount of property tax is


2017 Tax Collections

For further information, visit the Lorain County Auditor website.