It is that time of year to start outdoor construction projects. 
 Make sure the Contractors / Sub Contractors are registered with the City.
Click the link on the left to check who is currently registered!!

R.I.T.A. has a new form for 2019 that will now be implemented
 in our Contractor Registration Packet


The City of Avon Building Department provides assistance and direction regarding the enforcement of the city's development regulations. The permit and inspection process is designed to aid residents in the building process. Proper planning and inspection can help assure homeowners, that any work being done meets quality building standards.

The Building Department is certified by the Ohio Department of Commerce Board of Building Standards to enforce the Ohio Basic Building Code. All residential projects, as well as commercial and industrial projects fall under the authority of the Building Department.

The list on the left indicates many of the functions of this department. Please view them to learn more.