welcome to the city of avon

As many of you drive down Detroit Road today, you easily spot restaurants, banks, grocery stores and other retailers and businesses that show how much the city has grown in recent decades.

I can remember a time when my mom would drive us to my grandfather's Gulf gas station on Detroit in the middle of town. There wasn't much traffic and just a few stop signs. We loved going to see him at work because he'd sneak some candy to us in the back seat!

When I was elected Mayor, I pledged to maintain our history.  I believed then and believe now that it's important to make sure Avon's history remains available for people to see, touch and feel.

Soon, we will dedicate our newest city park at 39115 Detroit Rd (old Kurtz Brothers property). We recently connected a road and path from it to Veterans Park. We've stocked a large pond on the property and will soon be constructing a fishing pier.  In addition, you may recall the city purchased the Jameson Homestead on Detroit Road and worked with the Metroparks to acquire the Lustri property behind The Avon Isle.  We are working hard to preserve as much land and history in Avon as we can.

Two years ago, the city purchased Cahoon House, one of the first houses built in Avon. It's a beautiful old home, right on the French Creek, furnished with period furniture and landscaped with plants from an earlier era.  I'm so grateful to Mrs. Jean Fischer, the owner who allowed us to buy a property she cherished.  

I've seen so many more families enjoying time together and able to appreciate being outside and with each other. I hope the newest park and Cahoon House will offer new adventures for them to share.

Let me close by saying how important I feel it is that our community works together to support and protect each other.  We are living in some difficult times and should realize the importance of being kind, caring and understanding to one another.   

So grateful for the opportunity to serve as your Mayor.


Bryan K. Jensen
Mayor, City of Avon