welcome to the city of avon

One of the best things about the people of Avon is we are quick to step up and help. During this pandemic, I have witnessed numerous examples of residents supporting families and friends in need and I have seen our residents support healthcare workers and first responders, thanking them for all that they are doing to help keep us safe. Our community is a very caring community.

I believe our small businesses need our help now, too. They are the backbone of this community. I know many people in Avon recognize this and have been trying to help out by supporting them as much as possible. But something that worries me is the thought that some may not make it.

 You may know my dad was a small business owner. He opened a greenhouse in 1966. The entire family pitched in to help as it grew. Eventually my father passed the business onto my brother and me to run. I remember how we felt in 2008 when the economy tanked and we did not know whether the business would survive - as well as the jobs of all our employees. We put everything we had into the business. Somehow, we managed to come out of that in one piece. We were one of the lucky ones. These times reminds me a lot of those days.

 It's been so painful for many of Avon's small businesses. It's not just the business owners who are suffering, it's everyone who works there. Through all the uncertainty of the past year, they stayed open to be there for us when we needed them. 

Now I'm asking you to be there for these local businesses because they really need us now. Shop there. Order food and beverages from them. Have your hair cut or your nails done, buy your clothes or home décor from them. Get your car washed or repaired at those local Avon businesses.  It's one way we help make sure the businesses we rely on will still be there.

I suspect we all look forward to being able to get out of our houses or apartments for a meal with family and friends at a favorite restaurant, to browse through stores and not be afraid to talk with others while we're out and about and, my personal favorite, get an ice cream with my grandchildren. We need to stay optimistic and know those days are coming. When they do, our small businesses will be there with us to celebrate. 

It is an honor to serve as your mayor.


Bryan K. Jensen
Mayor, City of Avon