welcome to the city of avon

As we say goodbye to 2020, there are many things we will all be happy to see go with it – Covid-19 being at the top of the list.   But we should take lessons that we’ve learned throughout this pandemic with us.  Being kind is the most important lesson of all.  Pre-Covid, I spent a lot of time in our schools, especially our elementary schools.  Our teachers are doing an excellent job of teaching their students to be kind to one another.  This is something we, as adults, need to learn as well.  The benefits of being kind are twofold.  Those who are kind as well as those they are kind to, are both positively impacted.   I have learned to be kinder to everyone I come in contact with.  You never know what their personal struggles or battles are.   Many people are suffering greatly during this pandemic.  Some may be obvious and some not obvious at all.  I have learned there are people that do a good job of hiding their struggles.  You never know when a kind word or good deed could turn someone’s day, or even life around.   I think being kinder in 2021 is something everyone should strive to be.  We need to do what our children and grandchildren are being taught in school – we need to be kind.  We have a lot of healing to do and it all starts with each one of us.  I have so much I am grateful and thankful for – being kind to all I come in contact with is the least I can do.  

As I look to 2021, there is more work that we need to do in terms of my commitment to make our great city walkable and accessible.  In the spring, you will see work being done to make more sidewalks to help you get to our parks and playgrounds.   In this issue, you will see all the great work that many people in our community are doing to make Avon beautiful and safe.  We are so thankful for our safety forces, teachers, medical professionals, and all of those continuing to keep us safe in our community!  

I am proud to be your mayor in a town that comes together when a citizen needs help, when senior citizens need leaves raked (our youth loved doing this!), and when our athletic teams make it to the playoffs!   We rally together, help each other and cheer each other on!  I am so proud of our community. 

Remember to take extra time during the holidays to remember what is important. Slow down and enjoy the lights around town and the time with family and friends.   From all the employees at the City of Avon, Happy Holidays!  Looking forward to a wonderful 2021!  


Bryan K. Jensen
Mayor, City of Avon