It's a great time to live and work in Avon

It’s no secret that Avon’s landscape is rapidly changing. What was once a quiet little farming town has now become a bustling city.

Since I 90 was completed west of Cuyahoga County, Avon has become a desirable location for families and businesses alike. Our excellent schools and our proximity to Hopkins Airport, downtown Cleveland, Lake Erie and other major attractions in Northeast Ohio make our growth inevitable.

As we continue to develop, the city becomes more prosperous. However, we understand that prosperity does not come without its challenges and responsibilities. And we take these challenges and responsibilities very seriously.

Traffic congestion, road construction and necessary infrastructure improvements are among the most obvious concerns facing us. Improvements such as these will be paid for with the revenue that is generated from the new businesses’ income and real estate taxes. The newest stores announced recently, Menards, Cabela’s, Meijer’s, Levin’s and the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital facilities, will create 1,250 jobs and generate more than 1.5 million in payroll taxes alone.

Your city government is prepared to meet the challenges. The goal is to make sure that these issues are met proactively so that our continued growth happens in an orderly, organized, manner. We are not so eager to encourage commercial or residential development to locate in Avon that we will fail to address the needs and concerns of our current residents and business owners.

As your Mayor, I am committed to steering our community toward a bright and flourishing future. I encourage you to become involved and have your concerns heard. Use our new website’s Community Voice module to start a conversation about your best ideas for Avon.  And, as always, please feel free to Email me anytime.

Bryan K. Jensen
Mayor, City of Avon