Specialty Units

Accident Investigation

The Avon Police Department Accident Investigation Unit (AIU) is comprised of six Officers that have received advanced training in the field of accident investigation. The team is comprised of four (4) Officers who have received certification up to advanced levels of investigation and two supervisors who have received certification as accident reconstructionist. Members of the Accident Investigation Unit may be called upon to investigate any accident within the City of Avon resulting in serious injury or death.

Evidence Technician

The Evidence Technician Unit (ETU) consists of two specially trained officers and three supervisors. The ETU's are responsible for recovering and processing crime scene evidence. The ETU employs many of the latest technological advances inclduing digital photography and alternate light source trace evidence identification. The ETU's duties include: identifying, collecting, and preserving trace evidence; locating and preserving fingerprints; documenting crime scenes through still photography, video, diagrams, and drawings; and processing evidence to aid in the identification of criminal suspects.

School Resource Unit

Avon started its School Resource Officer program in August of 2013. The Avon Police Department School Resource Unit is charged with providing liaison and services to community schools. The unit is made up of two (2) School Resource Officers (SROs) and is part of the Support Services Division.

Field Training

The Field Training Unit is staffed by a Commander, three (3) Sergeants and five (5) officers. The Field Training Unit is responsible for the training and performance evaluations of new police officers during the time they are on probationary status. New officers spend 12-16 weeks with Field Training Officers who prepare them to work in a solo capacity.