Specialty Assignments


The Lorain County SWAT Team provides an immediate, systematic response of trained law enforcement personnel and equipment to tactical situations, emergencies, critical incidents or natural disasters that exceed the capabilities of a requesting agency. The Lorain County SWAT Team is comprised of officers from Lorain County Law Enforcement Agencies. Two (2) officers from the Avon Police Department are members of the Lorain County SWAT Team organized under the Lorain County Sheriff's Department.

Bomb Squad

The Lorain County Bomb Squad is organized under the Lorain County Sheriff's Office and comprised of officers from multiple Lorain County Law Enforcement Agencies. The Bomb Squad provides a front line response to incidents involving bombs, explosives, or other shock sensitive materials. The Avon Police Department has one (1) officer assigned to the Bomb Squad.

Northern Border Patrol

The Northern Border Initiative (NBI) was organized by the Ohio Department of Public Safety and its division of Homeland Security. The NBI brings together several law enforcement agencies for the purpose of sharing information, training together, and patrolling areas jointly. One of the duties of this initiative include maritime patrols of the United States border with Canada aboard a specially outfitted law enforcement patrol boat that is operated through the Lorain County Sheriff's Department. The Avon Police Department has three (3) officers assigned to the NBI.

Canine Unit

Lennox is actively involved in the community and participates in Safety Fairs, Safety Town and Science Night at Avon North and South. Lennox also participates throughout Lorain County conducting pro-active narcotics checks in area high schools.

Dive Team

The Lorain County Dive Team is made up of Police and Fire personnel from various departments. The divers hold multiple dive certifications and perform search, recovery and rescue operations as well as underwater criminal investigation and evidence recovery. The Avon Police Department has two (2) officers assigned to the Dive Team.

Violent Fugitive Task Force

A collaborative, district-wide law enforcement effort spearheaded by the U.S. Marshals Service that is dedicated to the pursuit, apprehension, and successful prosecution of violent adult fugitives across the Northern District of Ohio with outstanding state and federal felony warrants. This task force was formed in direct support of Project Safe Neighborhoods to join the "nationwide commitment to reduce gun crime in America by networking existing local programs that target gun crime and providing those programs with additional tools necessary to be successful." Our effectiveness is based on the ability of federal, state, and local agencies to cooperate in a unified offensive.

Domestic Violence Task Force

The Lorain County Domestic Violence Task Force is a multi-agency Domestic Violence task force comprised of members of Lorain County Law Enforcement Agencies and the Genesis House Domestic Violence Center. The Lorain County Domestic Violence Task Force is committed to protecting the safety and dignity of individuals and families affected by domestic violence. The Avon Police Department has one (1) officer assigned to the Domestic Violence Task Force.