Youth Programs

Safety Town

Each year in June, the City of Avon holds a "Safety Town" for incoming kindergarten students. Students learn about safety through one-on-one contact with teachers, volunteers and public safety professionals. Safety Town is a week-long course. A miniature city is used to teach students about street safety including pedestrian rules, stop lights and more. Students also learn about safety belts, 911, bus rules and respect for authority. A short graduation ceremony at the end of class allows parents to help celebrate everything their children have learned.

School Resource Officers

The Avon Police Department School Resource Unit is charged with providing liaison and services to Avon High School, Avon Middle School, and Heritage North and South. The unit is made up of two (2) School Resource Officers (SROs) and is part of the Support Services Division.

Teen Home Alone

The “Teen Home Alone Program” is designed to reduce or eliminate the opportunity for teenage underage parties to occur in the City of Avon by parents and police working together to stop unsupervised teenage parties.

Parents complete a Teen Home Alone House Watch Form  authorizing the Avon Police Department to stop at their residence should the Police observe suspicious activities during the dates listed on the form that indicate some type of unsafe or illegal activity may be occurring.

Parents will be notified should anything of a criminal nature be found. Officers are duty bound to investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

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