Residential Lock Boxes

The Lock Box Program began in 2004, with the intent to provide a secure place, on the outside of a residence to store a house key.

This secure place is locked with a key that is kept at the Fire Station and only used by the Avon Fire Department. In an emergency, this key is used to open your lock box to so that there is no damage to your house when firefighters are trying to get to you in an emergency situation.

For example, residents have been known to fall and injure themselves and can't get to the door to open it for emergency personnel.

This program is offered by the Avon Fire Department in conjunction with the Avon Senior Center. The Senior Center takes the residents information and forwards it to the fire department. The Avon Fire Department will contact the resident to set up a date for installation. Applications for residential lock boxes are available at the Avon Senior Center, Avon City Hall, or by downloading Lock Box Application. The cost of the lock box is $35 and credit cards or checks are accepted (checks payable to City of Avon). 

The Avon Fire Department is the only entity that has this key. No other department or agency can use our keys to unlock your boxes.