Utilities - Water & Sewer

The Avon Utilities Department strives to ensure that quality drinking water and sewer service are provided to every resident of Avon.  We take great pride in doing so with proactive and responsive customer service.

Water Distribution System

The City of Avon is an Ohio EPA Class I Licensed Public Water System serving nearly 25,000 residents. All water is purchased from Avon Lake Regional Water however all infrastructure is built and maintained by The City of Avon Utilities Department. The distribution system consists of 132 miles of water main, 2 elevated water towers, 1 ground storage tank, 2 booster stations, 1,961 fire hydrants, 3,742 valves and 12,500 water meters.

Water Monitoring and Testing

The Utilities Department monitors chlorine levels in the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The water supply is also sampled according to Ohio EPA requirements which includes 25 bacteria samples per month as well as periodic lead and copper, disinfectant byproducts and chlorine and hardness samples.  

Please see the Avon Water Quality Report (CCR) for further water testing information

Sanitary Sewer Collection System

The City of Avon Sanitary Sewer Collection System is serviced by both the French Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Avon Lake Waste Water Treatment Plant. The Collection system consists of 105 miles of sewer main, 3 Lift Stations and 2,596 manholes.

Avon Water Quality Report

Avon Construction Standards