Parents and Families

Parenting is a difficult and rewarding experience. No matter what community you choose to raise a family, being a parent in today’s world presents enormous challenges. Social media has evolved into a huge obstacle for kids and families. If you allow your child access to social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.), please educate yourself on how they work. Most importantly, understand how to make the account private. Unfortunately, there are people in our world who prey on our youth. 

Children may experience various emotional and behavioral problems as they grow. Some of which is completely appropriate. It is important to have open conversations with your kids. Often conversations surrounding self-confidence, school issues, alcohol, drugs, peer pressure and sex are difficult. Most likely if you aren't having those conversations with your kids, someone else is. Equally important to teaching your children is establishing boundaries with them. If a problem does arise, it is best to intervene early and often. 

The Community Policing efforts help parents access crime prevention programs and school liaison activities. 

Some resources to consider are: 

  • School counselors and school based counseling services
  • Social workers
  • Clergy 
  • Community or private counseling services
  • Primary physician
  • School Resource Officers
  • Self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon and Families Anonymous