In order for the Avon Police Department to complete civilian fingerprints, two criteria must be met:

1) The person to be fingerprinted MUST LIVE OR WORK IN AVON. 

    - If yes, continue on to #2

2) The person to be fingerprinted must meet one of the following:

     a) They have an amputation or missing digits

     b) They are filling out an out-of-state application

     c) They have previously had their fingerprints completed by WebCheck and can             verify that the WebCheck was unable to capture their prints

     d) They have a letter from the FBI/BCI stating that their electronic fingerprints                 were rejected

     e) It is for a public housing organization background check

     f) It is for a military base


Non-Emergency Dispatch

Phone: 440-934-1234

Emergency: 911

Avon Police Department

36145 Detroit Road

Avon, OH 44011