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The Avon Police Department is continually looking for qualified and motivated candidates to become members of our team. We offer competitive benefits, top-level training and career advancement opportunities.

The City of Avon is accepting test results for Entry Level Police Officer from 

June 1st through July 24th at 11:59PM.

Key Requirements:

  • Candidate must complete the PHQ with NTN, applicants without a PHQ will not be considered
  • Copy of a valid driver license
  • Copy of High School diploma, GED or highest degree attained 
  • Submit an application through the City of Avon (links provided below)

**If the items above are not submitted/uploaded, the candidate will not be considered**

For those applicants that receive a minimum passing score (65% on the video AND 70% on the reading and writing), extra credit points are given for the following:

  • Current Ohio Peace Officer Certification (OPOTA) - 10%
  • Current Peace Officer Certification other than Ohio - 5%
  • Bachelor's Degree in Police Science or Criminal Justice - 10%
  • Bachelor's Degree in any field of study - 5%
  • Associate Degree in Criminal Justice/Police Science - 5 %
  • Military Service - 5%

*20% points maximum

Any documentation for extra credit MUST BE uploaded at the time scores are submitted.  If documentation is not uploaded, extra credit will not be issued.

Hiring Process:

  • Testing and Receiving Application: June 1st - July 24th. The NTN minimum passing score for Avon is set at 65% on the video portion and 70% on the reading and writing.
  • Interviews: Candidates will be interviewed by members of the Avon Police Department command staff during the process.
  • Physical Fitness Assessment: Candidates must complete the physical fitness assessment as part of the background process for the City of Avon.
  • Background: A complete and thorough background investigation division of the Avon Police Department.
  • Salary Information: Starting salary $32.78/hour ($68,179.74) to $38.92 ($80.963.44) with OPOTA certification. Without OPOTA certification while attending the academy, $23.35/hour.
  • Benefits Information: Paid vacation, sick leave, personal leave, medical, dental, vision, education stipend, clothing allowance, longevity and life insurance available.


The Avon Police Department is now accepting lateral transfers…NO TEST REQUIRED! If you value a positive work environment, a supportive community, technology and training, then this is the place for you!

Applying is simple.

  • Submit an application on the City of Avon website.
  • Find the “Human Resources” section and click on “Employment Online Application”.   
  • Make sure to attach all of the necessary documents and provide a valid email address for the next step of the process.

After the completed application is submitted, it will be reviewed. Once reviewed, you will be contacted via email for the next step of the process.     

 *Remember, this is for lateral transfers only. You must possess a current OPOTA Peace Officer Certification and have at least two (2) years of full-time experience as a police officer (within the State of Ohio) in the past three years.

The City of Avon is a western suburb, approximately 20 miles west, of Cleveland with a growing population of over 25,000 residents. Over the last several years, the city has expanded in both residential and commercial properties. This expansion has provided a large variety of commercial businesses, medical facilities, restaurants and retail businesses, making the City of Avon a desired destination to live and visit. This expansion, along with an exceptional school district and a community-focused mentality, makes the City of Avon one of the most desirable places to live in northeast Ohio. 


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  1. Police Officer
  2. Community Service Officer
  3. Dispatcher

The Avon Police Department is dedicated to maintaining a sense of security by creating community partnerships, and actively working to prevent crime and enhancing the quality of life for our community.  We view ourselves as part of the community and not separate from the community. 

We expect and encourage our officers to be engaged with our residents and business partners and to work together to solve problems, prevent crimes and continue to improve the lives of the those that we serve. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and encourage growth and training.  

Ultimately, every officer is and should be a leader in our department bringing forward new ideas and methods.

Job Responsibilities

  • Patrol assigned areas; participate in mutual aid situations and special enforcement activities
  • Maintain law and order; cite and arrest violators; execute search and arrest warrants
  • Keep the peace in disorderly civil situations
  • Conduct preliminary and follow-up investigations
  • Determine stolen property and find proper ownership
  • Maintain proficiency in current law enforcement procedures, techniques, methods and equipment
  • Participate in tactical operations
  • Understand the policy and procedure of the Avon Police Department
  • Dictate or write various reports, letters, memos, observations, affidavits, other legal paperwork
  • Testify in court
  • Qualify with department weapons

      Minimum Requirements

  • 21 years of age 
  • Must possess an Ohio driver's license 
  • High School Diploma or GED



  • Salary ranging over $68k- $85
  • Uniform allowance
  • Attendance, Education and Fitness incentives 
  • 12 hour shifts
  • Take home vehicle program
  • Ability to workout on duty
  • Countless off-duty details

           What to Expect

  • A comprehensive hiring process
  • Completion of Police Academy (if applicable)
  • Challenging and demanding field training program

Career Opportunities

  • Accident Investigation Unit 
  • Bicycle Unit
  • K9 Unit
  • Bomb Squad
  • Emergency Response Team 
  • Bicycle Unit
  • Drone Operator
  • Dive Team 
  • Evidence Technician 
  • Detective Bureau
  • School Resource Officer
  • Promotion
  • Training Opportunities to include monthly defensive tactics training. 

Image of Avon Police patch

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