My apartment complex doesn't recycle. What can I do?
If you live in an apartment or a multi-family development where curbside recycling is not available to you and your neighbors, there is a large green recycling bin in the Avon City Hall parking lot, located at 36080 Chester Road, specifically for your use. The container is clearly marked RECYCLING and is there to enable Avon residents who do not have access to curbside recycling the opportunity to participate in reducing waste by being environmentally responsible. You may recycle the same materials as can be placed in the curbside containers. For a complete list of recyclable materials and options for disposal of other materials that you are not allowed to place in your trash or recycling containers, click on the "Recycling Options" link below. For more information, call Avon's Clerk of Council & Recycling Coordinator, Barbara Brooks, at (440) 937-7821.

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1. My apartment complex doesn't recycle. What can I do?
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