Do Not Knock Registry

Welcome to the City of Avon Do Not Knock citizen registration.

This site was created to offer citizens a quick and easy solution to sign up for the City of Avon’s Do Not Knock list.

Do Not Knock STICKERS: 

The City of Avon has available to all residents a sticker that can be placed at your home’s entrance, informing peddlers, solicitors and canvassers to not knock on your door. Residents can obtain this sticker by stopping by Avon City Hall or the City of Avon Police Department. If you have a concern or question regarding a solicitor in your area, we suggest that you do not open your door and you contact the City of Avon Police Department immediately.

Solicitors Overview

The Do Not Knock solicitor information and downloads page.

In order to solicit within the city of Avon, Ohio solicitors are required to have a valid solicitor permit issued by the City of Avon, Ohio. In order to obtain a permit to solicit within the city solicitors are required to fill out and submit the Solicitor Permit Application found below and submit it to the city.

Also available for download from this page is the most recent version of the Do Not Knock Address and Solicitor List for the City of Avon, Ohio which contains a list of all addresses that have made requests either through this web site or in person with the city to not be solicited at their current residence.

Important Documents: