What kinds of trucks does the fire department have?
We have 3 ambulances that are all advanced life support equipped and they respond to emergency medical calls and motor vehicle accidents. The ambulances also go on service calls, inspections and other related events. We have 2 engines. Engines respond to fires, service calls, carbon monoxide alarms, alarm activations, motor vehicle accidents and other fire related calls. The engines also go to inspections, block parties and fire prevention activities.

Our ladder is a mid-mount Ladder/Tower. It has a 100 foot reach. The platform will support the firefighters as they rescue people and fight fires with the elevated streams. This truck will respond to structure fires, commercial fire alarms and special rescues. As you can see, it is a versatile truck. We have a rescue truck that responds to special rescue situations, water rescue and ice rescue incidents.

We have a pickup truck that is our utility truck. We use this truck for various tasks including grass fires, plowing our parking lot, carrying special equipment and personnel to and from the scene and other tasks. We have 2 command vehicles. These are manned by the Chief and Assistant Chief and are utilized for large or complex incidents. They are also equipped as first responder units. In the event all of the ambulances are out or all crews are out and there is another medical call, these units can respond and assess and stabilize victims until mutual aid ambulances arrive.

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