What duties are performed by the firefighters while on duty?

First and foremost is to respond to emergency calls. Whether they are a request for an ambulance at someone’s house, a fire call to a business or a motor vehicle accident, firefighters are always prepared to respond at any moment. Firefighters start their day by checking each apparatus to ensure each and every fire department unit is ready to respond. A thorough check of each apparatus is performed on particular days. We want to thoroughly check each truck for fluid levels, tire pressures and fuel status.

After the daily and weekly checks, firefighters and their officers will go out and perform fire safety inspections of businesses or perform maintenance on the hydrants. In the afternoon, firefighters and their officers will perform training evolutions. These range from engine and truck company operations to EMS skills and knowledge. The late afternoon is for personal study, physical training (personal workout), dinner and reflection on the day.

No matter what the firefighters and officers are doing at the station or around in the city, we are always ready to respond.

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6. What duties are performed by the firefighters while on duty?