About the Avon Fire Department

The Avon Fire Department provides 24-hour fire protection, emergency medical services, hazardous material response, specialty rescue, fire prevention and public education for the citizens that live in and travel through the city of Avon. The department is comprised of a Chief, Assistant Chief, Dispatcher/ administrative assistant, a training Captain, a Lieutenant work in Fire prevention along with 1 firefighter and 30 full time personnel as well as 4 part time personnel. There is a Captain, a Lieutenant, and 8 firefighters on each shift.


The Avon Fire Department responds to emergencies as well as non-emergency service calls. The fire department also participates in many community support programs, such as Safety Town and Fire Prevention week.

Firefighters have a busy workday. When not on emergency calls, they are participating in Fire and EMS training, maintaining the fire station and emergency vehicles. They are also out in the community servicing Fire hydrants, inspecting and pre-fire planning of businesses, conducting driver’s training and public education. Firefighters are also given the opportunity to stay in shape by exercising in the afternoon and evening hours and encouraged to prepare healthy dinners together at the fire station. 

Upon request by residents, our fire prevention bureau will go to residences and install a residential lock box. Educate the public with fire prevention talks and help with selecting the right type of smoke detector.

Basic services of the Avon Fire Department include:

  • Emergency medical calls
  • Fire Incidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Other emergency incidents such as CO and natural gas emergencies.

Other Services

Fire & Life Safety Inspections and preplans: The fire officers are all trained as Certified Fire & Life Safety Inspectors and take the crews out to perform the pre-fire (preplan) inspections. This gives the opportunity for the firefighters to see our commercial structures under normal conditions or during the construction of a building. We also have a Lieutenant and Firefighter assigned to the fire prevention bureau to conduct actual inspections of property; this aids the business owners in finding safety or fire hazards that aren't obvious to them, their employees or the public that frequent these facilities.

Child Safety Seat Installations

The Avon Fire Department has 4 Child Safety Seat Technicians. They are qualified to install child safety seats to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The safety of your children is very important to you and to us.

Fire Prevention Presentations

The Avon Fire Department participates in the national Fire Prevention Week in October every year as well as giving presentations throughout the year. We visit the school aged children to teach them about fire safety. This is a great program that is very successful. We appreciate the support of the schools, the teachers and the parents in this program.

Residential Lock Boxes

This program is very helpful to the fire department as well as the residents. We will install a lock box that has a key or keys to your house in it. The Avon Fire Department is the only entity that has this key. No other department or agency can use our keys on your lock boxes. What this does is prevents us from doing damage to your door in the event of an emergency.

Some victims of falls, will injure themselves to the point where they cannot unlock or open their door. Rather than breaking down the door, we can use our key to access the lock box and open your door without damaging your door.

Block Parties

It has been a tradition for the Avon Fire Department to visit block parties with the fire engine. This gives the firefighters an opportunity to interact with residents on a non-emergency basis. The residents and children can look at the truck and even get into the truck.

This also gives residents the chance to ask the firefighters and officers questions about the fire department and the services provided.