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Security Camera Registration

  1. Are your cameras located at a residence or business?*
  2. How many cameras do you have?*
  3. Are they wifi enabled?*
  4. Do you have a door bell camera?*
  5. Do your cameras record audio?*
  6. Coverage of public area (sidewalk/street/etc)?*
  7. Camera motion:*
  8. How are videos stored?*
  9. Recording type?*
  10. How long will your system store recordings?*
  11. Does your system have night vision?*
  12. Camera view (check all that apply):*
  13. In the event that Avon Police would request access to your recording for investigative purposes, would you allow access? *
  14. Conditions and Terms of Use
    Conditions and Terms of Use: 1) The Avon Police Department does not have direct access to your surveillance system and may contact you regarding your recordings. 2) Any obtained footage containing or related to criminal activity may be collected and used for evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding. 3) At no time shall registrants be considered employees or agents of the Avon Police Department. 4) Relevant information is reserved for official use by the Avon Police Department and will not be released to any member of the public or press.
  15. I have read, understand and agree to the Conditions and Terms of Use listed on the Avon Police website regarding camera registration?*
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