Contractor Registration

Any individual or entity operating in the capacity of a contractor within the city limits of Avon is required to register with the Building Department. No plan approval/permit will be issued to a contractor until such registration has been satisfactorily completed.

Requirements for Contractor Registration  

  • A completed City of Avon Contractor Registration Packet (PDF)
  • An original $10,000.00 license/performance bond on the City of Avon bond form
  • A fee of $75.00, which is good for a calendar year for both new registrations and renewals
  • A Certificate of Insurance ($100,000 for liability) the City of Avon is to be named as certificate holder (City of Avon does not need to be the "Additionally Insured")
  • A completed R.I.T.A. form, which is included in the registration packet
  • A copy of your State license for Electrical, H.V.A.C., Plumbing, Hydronics, and Refrigeration

A self-addressed stamped envelope must be included with the above materials or the registration will not be mailed.

List of Registered Contractors

If you are hiring a licensed contractor to perform work on your property, you should verify that said contractor is registered with the Building Department. The Building Department as a policy does not recommend contractors. However, a list of contractors registered with the City of Avon can be obtained by contacting the Building Department at 440-937-7811.