2020 Resolutions

Title Readings Passed Referred
or Tabled
R-1-20  (pdf) To Approve with Modification the Renewal Application Made by Thomas I. and Melanie M. Hricovec, to have Certain Land Owned by Them Located at 4431 Stoney Ridge Road, Permanent Parcel No. 10-04-00-012-103-079, Designated as Being Located within an Agricultural District, Consisting of 21.5 Acres      
R-2-20 (pdf) Dissolving the Assessment Equalization Board Created September 9, 2019 by Resolution R-25-19 to Hear Objections Relative to the Improvements of (1) French Creek Road by the Construction of Approximately 2,400-Foot Sanitary Sewer from 38151 French Creek Road to 37556 French Creek Road and (2) Century Lane by the Construction of an Approximately 230-Foot Sanitary Sewer, Together with all Necessary Appurtenances and Related Improvements Thereto