2021 Resolutions

Title Readings Passed Referred
or Tabled
R-1-21 (pdf) To Approve with Modification the Renewal Application Made by Floyd R and Ann J. Poruban to Have Certain Land Owned by Them Located at 38029 Detroit Road, Permanent Parcel No. 04-00-011-107-071 Designated as Being Located within an Agricultural District, Consisting of 23.66 Acres      
R-2-21 (pdf)        
R-3-21 (pdf)        
R-4-21 (pdf)        
R-5-21 (pdf)        
R-6-21 (pdf)        
R-8-21 (pdf)        
R-9-21 (pdf)        
R-10-21 (pdf)        
R-11-21 (pdf)        
R-12-21 (pdf)        
R-13-21 (pdf)        
R-14-21 (pdf)        
R-15-21 (pdf)        
R-16-21 (pdf)        
R-17-21 (pdf)        
R-18-21 (pdf)        
R-19-21 (pdf)        
R-20-21 (pdf)