Meters and Deduct Meters

The City of Avon water meters send actual daily consumption reads.  Your monthly bill is based on actual consumption used.  We urge all residents to sign up for the free Eye on Water app to monitor their consumption.

Eye on Water:
Sign up for the free app and monitor your water consumption.

Leak Notices:

The Utilities Department monitors our water meter system daily and does its best to notify customers as quickly as possible when a "continuous flow" is flagged on their water meter.  Responsibility, however, is the customer's to ensure they understand their home and typical water usage and do not have any leaks in their system.  Utilities Department personnel will try to call and/or email the customer to alert them of a continuous flow and if the contact information is not available we may leave a pink door hanger requesting to call our office.  See below for common sources of continuous flows.

Common Issues:
Toilet Fill or Flush Valve
Faucet or Showerhead Leak
Water Driven Sump Pumps
Furnace Humidifiers
Outside Hose Spigots
Irrigation System Leak

Please visit the link below for guidance in locating household leaks:
Find a Leak

Deduct Meter:

The City of Avon offers a deduct (second) meter to be used for tracking water consumption for outside faucets and or in-ground sprinkler systems. Water used through a deduct meter is charged the water rate and not the sewer rate. Typical usage in a residential application would allow the resident to recoup their investment in 2-3 years.

The Deduct (second) Meter Permit Application must be filled out and the fee paid for at The Avon City Hall.

Deduct Meter Permit and Diagram