Winter Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes

Preventing Frozen Water Pipes

As winter is quickly approaching the Utilities Department would like to remind our residents to ensure safeguards are in place to protect your water service from freezing.  Below is a short list of items that may help in preventing frozen water pipes.  Should you experience frozen or burst pipes please do not hesitate to contact the Utilities Department for guidance at 440.937.5740.   We advise any residents leaving for an extended period of time this winter to call us and have the water shut off at the street.

Be Prepared: 

  • Locate your main shut off valve.  The valve should be very close to the location that your water service enters the house. Many times, it is located near the hot water tank and/or furnace.  Residents with a water meter inside the house can typically find the valve between the meter and the floor of the basement.  In the event a pipe freezes or breaks anywhere in the house, turning the main valve off will stop all flow throughout the house.  Ensure everyone living in the house knows where this valve is located.


  • Maintain heat at 55 degrees minimum (including the basement).
  • Insulate pipes located in crawl spaces or cold exterior walls.
  • In extreme cold, running a small stream of water from a sink will help prevent freezing.


  • Disconnect hoses from outside spigots.
  • Shut off water in basement to outside spigots and ensure water is drained.
  • Make sure Irrigation System has been winterized.

Thawing Frozen Pipes:

  • DO NOT try and thaw pipes quickly, the best tool is a hair dryer set at a low setting.
  • If thawing yourself, keep in mind that once the water is thawed, your pipe may have already split and water may start spraying out so be prepared to turn off your main shut off.

Eye on Water:

  • Residents are encouraged to sign up for Eye on Water to receive alerts when your water meter detects a continuous flow/possible leak.