Eagle Point Park

Avon's Latest Addition to Our Park System!

Eagle Point Park
39115 Detroit Rd.
Avon, OH 44011

Parks Hours: 8am-Dusk

The City of Avon purchased this 16.5 acre parcel of land in February of 2021 from the Kurtz Brothers Nursery.  The property is located at 39115 Detroit Rd. and connects with Veterans Memorial Park.  It includes a natural spring-fed pond that is approximately 4 acres. The paths that have been established to connect the two properties are now part of the Cross Country course used by Avon Local Schools as they host meets throughout the season.  

Grab your binoculars and check out the Eagles that have decided to make this spot their new home!  There is also a Great Horned Owl that has been a long-time resident nesting near the north side of the pond.  Herons, Egrets and Osprey's, Oh my! Many water fowl can be seen enjoying the scenery from time to time so let's remember this is a "shared space".  


1Check out our new playground at Eagle Point Park!